Maybe someone will make a chart to help with choosing the right one

image of  pets pet people magazine pets
image of  pets pet people magazine pets
oday's the big day! You're going to pick out your very own pet. You're not going to get a dog or a cat, because your family has a dog, and your sister is allergic to cats. You're not going to get an iguana or a turtle because your mom won't let you. You're not going to get a fish because you can't play with it. You're not going to get a bird because they're too noisy. What exactly are you going to get. Hmmmm...

You enter the petstore, the smell of cedar chips and sound of chirping birds is exciting. You walk to the back of the stgore - to the small animal section. There you see aquarium after aquarium filled with small, furry little creatures, some sleeping in balls, others actively digging or climbing up their water bottles. Yes! This is the type of pet you are going to get! But, just how do you know which small animal will make the best pet for you?

There are many things to think about when choosing a pet, such as the time you want to spend caring for it... the amount of money you might have to pay... the space you have available... and, whether or not it is nocturnal or active, at night.

Sometimes it is difficult making a decision because you may not know the different animals' habits, costs, cages and environments that are necessary, the feeding and care requirements and other factors whether is should be kept inside or outside or the particular pet's life span.

We have tried to make that decision a little easier for you by providing a small animal chart below that will give you some essential facts about the different types of animals which you may be considering.

Sooo... Congratulations on your new pet... and, remember, just because some pets are little in size. it doesn't mean that they're little in heart!


image of  pets pet people magazine pets

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